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Customer Assistance Annual Report

FPL is working harder than ever on providing low-income and elderly customers with energy affordability alternatives. Our Customer Assistance Annual Report highlights our progress and plans.

Tell Congress To Protect Americans in Need of Energy Bill Assistance

Each month, many American families worry about whether they'll be able to pay their home energy bills. Now, with the economy still struggling, the federal program that offers some relief to these families is in serious danger of losing funding.

Since 1981, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, has provided heating and cooling assistance to Americans in need. Federal funding for LIHEAP may be cut in half next year. Such a funding cut would impact at least three million low-income U.S. households.

Low-income households—particularly those that include elderly residents, the disabled, and children—are especially concerned about LIHEAP funding cuts since they are most vulnerable to rising costs and often must choose between paying their energy bills and buying food or medicine.

You can help to protect these Americans in need. Visit www.SupportLIHEAP.org and tell Congress to stop the proposed LIHEAP funding cuts and fully fund LIHEAP!

Florida Energy Affordability Coalition

The Florida Energy Affordability Coalition works to maximize payment-assistance resources to Florida’s low-income citizens. FPL, in partnership with Florida’s Department of Community Affairs, spearheaded the coalition’s creation in 2006. Coalition partners include all major Florida electric utilities, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, Florida Public Service Commission, Florida Council on Aging and social service agency partners such as The Salvation Army.

Coalition for Affordable Energy for All

Over the last two decades, the price of energy has grown significantly and the at-risk population of fixed-income and elderly customers has soared. Rising energy prices make the availability of affordable energy an increasingly urgent public policy matter. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program offers a potentially life-saving safety net for America’s most vulnerable – families of modest means with loved ones who are elderly, disabled or very young. Yet federal funding for LIHEAP and Weatherization programs has been stagnant.

The need for energy assistance for at-risk customers far outpaces the resources available for this purpose, now more than ever. The home energy burden of at-risk Americans is three to five times more than that of an average family. Given rising energy costs and other economic challenges, this has reached crisis proportions with significant consequences. It now means that the vast majority of our qualifying citizens are simply shut out of LIHEAP because of lack of government funding.

Many organizations, including state and charitable organizations and energy providers, are doing all they can to help, but it is simply not enough. With FPL's leadership, a coalition of stakeholders has formed to address this situation. Its purpose is to enlist the help of our elected officials by informing them of the opportunity and need to provide more assistance funding for all at-risk families in the U.S.

FPL, in partnership with Entergy, TXU Energy and others, has co-sponsored the creation of the Coalition for Affordable Energy for All. CAEA is working to:

  • Significantly boost LIHEAP and Weatherization program federal grants
  • Strengthen a partnership with Northeast and Midwest states to facilitate equality and fairness on all LIHEAP matters, and
  • Partner with other policy and charitable organizations with common interests.

Washington Action Day for LIHEAP

Washington Action Day for LIHEAP, organized by the National Fuel Funds Network, is an annual grassroots effort to promote awareness of energy-assistance funding needs. Each January, National Fuel Funds Network members and LIHEAP supporters come to Washington, D.C., to meet with more than 200 members and staffers of Congress. The event has become the annual kickoff for lobbying on behalf of this vital and important federal program, and includes participation in a press conference and the coordination of other grassroots activities to amplify the message being delivered in Washington.

FPL has been an active supporter of Washington Action Day for LIHEAP since 2006, and also works throughout the year in support of increasing LIHEAP federal funding. For those who can’t attend the event, the National Fuel Funds Network has a toolkit on its website with suggestions for local fuel-funds activities aimed at raising awareness of energy-assistance needs.......