FPL | Rates and Your Bill

Latest news about your bill

Learn about upcoming changes that could impact your bill and other important things you should know.

How your bill compares

Learn how our typical customer bills compare to others in Florida and around the country.

Calculating your bill - meter reading

Learn how we determine how much energy you've used and why you may get an estimated bill.

Why your bill may be higher

If your bill seems higher than expected, there are several possible contributing reasons to consider.

Estimated bill

Learn what happens when something prevents us from reading your meter.

All about your rates and charges

Learn about our current rates, service charges, deposit policies and about the other components of your bill.

Wholesale regulatory, rates and tariffs

Learn more about wholesale and FERC related matters.

Retail regulatory, rates, rules and tariffs

Learn more about retail regulatory, rates, rules and tariffs.