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Making It Easier for You to Manage Your Energy Use


… having access to your electricity use data by the month, day and hour so you can make more informed energy choices. Imagine having tools and services available to you that can help you manage and control your energy use and costs. Imagine no more estimated bills – even if you’re moving out of your home or relocating your business.


Initial benefits …
Customers whose accounts have been transitioned to smart meters will have:

  • More information to better control their energy usage. Today, most customers have little knowledge of how much power they’re using and how much they’re spending, until they get their monthly bill. Now, instead of waiting until month’s end, you will be able to go online after your meter has been activated for remote billing and see how much electricity you're consuming by the month, day or hour. This information will help you make more informed energy choices throughout the month.
  • Greater convenience:  FPL will no longer need to access customers’ properties to read their meters, although we will still need occasional access to perform routine maintenance on the meter.  Smart meters enable remote two-way communication between the meter and FPL, meaning we can get accurate meter readings every month without inconveniencing customers whose meters are difficult to access.
  • Enhanced customer service: When you call with a billing question, we will be able to review your usage information with you and resolve issues more efficiently.


You will receive these benefits when the transition to smart meters has been completed in your area. This can take several months after the smart meter has been installed because there are a lot of associated communication and networking components that must be put into place to enable communication. Once all of these elements are installed, FPL performs extensive tests to verify that the performance of the system meets our strict criteria. In the interim, we will continue to read the meter manually. When the smart meter is activated, FPL will begin billing the customer based on the remote readings from the meter. Customers will then be able to access their detailed usage information online. 

More customer options down the road …
Smart meters will make it possible for FPL to offer future products and services that can help you better manage energy usage and even save money.  For example, we are testing home energy monitors and controllers that would use information from smart meters to help customers easily manage their energy usage.

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It's estimated that more than 40 million smart meters will be installed on U.S. households by 2012.

Source: Parks Associates, 2010

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