Energy Smart Florida | Benefits

 Helping Us Continue to Deliver Reliable Electric Service


… an electric system capable of detecting problems and preventing some potential power outages before they occur. Imagine not having to call FPL to report a power outage. Imagine receiving live updates about when power to your neighborhood – and your home – will be restored. 


By investing in intelligent devices throughout the grid – from power generation to the smart meter on your home – FPL will help reduce the impact of power outages for customers, while preventing many potential outages before they occur.  Technologies being installed beginning in 2010 will enable the following benefits to be fully realized in 2012 in areas where the advanced technologies are being installed:

  • Outage prevention: Smart grid technologies will enable FPL to prevent some outages before they occur.  With performance and diagnostic centers gathering and analyzing data like “nerve centers” on the grid, we can perform predictive maintenance before brewing issues become disruptive problems. 
  • Outage identification: Advanced sensors and switches can help quickly identify an outage and reroute power around the trouble spot, confining the outage and preventing cascading failure.
  • Faster restoration: Advanced monitoring equipment will communicate the location of outages for faster repair and restoration. Smart meters, an essential component of the smart grid, will notify FPL of an outage before you ever have to call.

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By 2020, smart grid technologies could decrease the cost of power interruptions by over 75 percent and have the potential to save American industry more than $150 billion dollars when compared to future projections.

Source: Electric Power Research Institute