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Ways to Pay Your Bill – Residential Options

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FPL Automatic Bill Pay®
A free service that allows you to have your bill amount automatically deducted from your bank account every month on the date you select within the qualifying period.
FPL Pay Online
With FPL Pay Online, you can pay your bill immediately. FPL will debit your bank account and credit your payment to your FPL account within minutes.
Credit/Debit Card Payment
FPL partners with Western Union® Speedpay® to provide an easy way to pay your FPL bill using your credit or debit card. Small fee applies.
FPL Pay By Phone®

Pay By Phone allows you to check your balance due and pay your bill with a check from a touch-tone phone and have it posted to your account within minutes.
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Checkfree® and Your Local Bank
You have the option to pay your bill electronically through providers like CheckFree or your local bank.
Authorized Pay Agents
FPL partners with independent third-party retailers to offer customers the convenience of paying an FPL bill in person. (Pay Agents may charge a $1 fee.)
By Mail
Prefer to mail in your payment? Send a check or money order to FPL.