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Kitchen Appliances

Is your kitchen the heart of your home? Take care of it! Check out our energy-saving tips for kitchen appliances.

Lighting Efficiency

Choosing the right light bulb can be very confusing. We can help! View our tips on how to choose the best light bulb and control your lighting usage.

Pool & Spa Pumps

Did you know that pools and spas use a lot of energy? We can help you minimize your costs. Read our tips on the efficient ways to use pumps and temperate controls.

Washers & Dryers

Wash away your excess energy usage in the laundry room. Generate a cost estimate of running your washer and dryer and view energy-saving tips.

Water Heaters

Using a lot of hot water can quickly heat up your bills. View our tips on conserving energy and reducing costs generated from your water heater.

Home Office Equipment

Are you designing a home office? You can find great products that work to reduce your bill. Discover the average annual savings of ENERGY STAR® products.

Additional Resources

EnergyGuide Label

This informative energy label is a big help during the buying process.

Top 10 Savings Tips

Check out our top 10 savings tips to learn how to save energy and reduce energy costs in your home.

Online Brochures

Check out our gallery of online brochures for printable tips and recommendations on making your home more energy efficient.

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