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On Call® Savings Program

Electric Savings Guaranteed

This easy program can save you up to $137 a year! Here's how the
On Call® Savings Program works:

  • You allow us to cycle off select equipment for brief periods of time in exchange for a monthly credit.
  • This usually happens just 3-4 times a year - when it's absolutely necessary.
  • We simply require your permission to install an energy management device that may occasionally control this equipment.
  • We typically do not activate this program during nights, weekends or holidays. It is normally implemented in early to late afternoons during the summer.

Why should you enroll in the On Call® Savings Program?

  • We give you a direct credit on your electric bill every month regardless of whether On Call® is activated or not
  • It helps control electrical demand during peak periods or emergency situations
  • You can cancel the program at any time, without obligation or penalty
  • You always get to keep the existing credits you've earned
  • Helps keep all customers' bills low by deferring building a new power plant

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Qualifying Equipment Options:

  • Central air conditioning
  • Electric water heater
  • Central heating
  • Pool pump for in-ground pools

Did You Know?

  • The energy saved by On Call® customers has helped the environment by deferring three medium sized power plants from being built since the program's inception.
  • More than 780,000 customers have said "yes" to savings and protecting the environment by enrolling in the On Call® Savings Program.

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