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See Your Energy Use for Yourself

To learn more about your energy use, you can do the following:

   Take an FPL Online Home Energy Survey

Identify the Energy Eaters in your home

  • Get a personalized, expert analysis of your home's energy use, along with specific ways to save. It's easy and convenient.
  • Click the "What if?" button to find out how energy-saving changes to your appliances or lifestyle will affect your bill.

In order to read your meter, first determine what kind of meter you have: 

  • Mechanical meters have dials across the front
  • Smart meters have a digital display on the face

Read your meter

You can monitor your energy usage on a daily basis by reading your meter. Just follow these simple steps:

Mechanical Meters

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1 Locate the dials on the front of the meter. Most meters have five dials, although some may have just four.
2 Read the dials from right to left to get your total correct reading:
• If the dial pointer is between two numbers, write down the lower of the two numbers.
• If the dial pointer appears to be exactly on the number, look back at the dial to the right. If the pointer on that dial has not passed zero, the reading on the dial to the left is the lower number.
3 To calculate your monthly electrical usage, read the meter at the beginning of the month and again exactly one month later. The amount of electricity (or kilowatt-hours) used is the difference between the two readings.


Smart Meters



1 Locate the digital display on the front of the meter.
2 Read the numbers of the digital display from left to right.
3 To calculate your monthly electrical usage, subtract the number from the reading on the front of your last bill to determine the amount of kilowatt-hours since your last meter reading. You can also find your current reading when you access your account information on our website, as well as view the projected amount for next month's bill.