FPL | Safety and Electricity

Safety and Electricity

Move Over, Lives Depend On It

Florida’s Move Over Law was instituted in July 2002 to protect law enforcement officers and other emergency workers stopped alongside highways. Effective July 1, 2014, the law was changed to include sanitation vehicles and utility service vehicles.

Using Electricity Safely

Keep your home a safe haven by knowing how to avoid electricity-related accidents.

Working Safely Near Power Lines

Our program features six important safety rules to follow when working around power lines. Watch our Power Line Safety video and download our poster (English/Spanish/Creole) for additional tips.

Trees and Power Lines

Safety around trees and power lines is very important. Before any major event or before you get the trimmer out, read these important safety guidelines.

Trabajando Cerca del Tendido Eléctrico

Nuestro programa resalta seis reglas de seguridad importantes para seguir cuando se trabaja cerca del tendido eléctrico.

Safety World – Kids' Corner

You don't want anything to happen to your children and neither do we. They need to know how to stay safe. Our website just for kids teaches all about the hidden dangers of electricity and more.

Safety After the Storm and During a Power Outage
Learn about safety issues during a power outage and after a storm, what to do if your home has water damage, how to safely run a generator and more.
Nuclear Safety
What we're doing at our nuclear power plants to ensure public safety every day.
Pipeline Safety
Pipelines are a safe, reliable and efficient way to transport energy. Because accidental damage caused by digging is one of the greatest threats to safe pipeline operations, always call 811 before you dig.
Report Power-Related Concerns
If you experience problems such as an outage or surges or know of neighborhood problems such as a malfunctioning streetlight, you can now report it online.