FPL | Restoration Plan

Tested and Proven Restoration Plan

How we restore power

FPL’s comprehensive storm plan focuses on readiness, restoration and recovery.

Preparedness phase

Prior to the start of storm season, we conduct extensive training to prepare our employees to respond safely and as quickly as possible if a storm threatens FPL’s service territory. We also coordinate assistance agreements with other utilities for support from out of state, order restoration supplies and equipment and secure staging sites throughout our 35-county service territory. These preparations allow for quick deployment of equipment and crews to storm-damaged communities.

Additionally, we work closely with emergency operations officials to update lists of infrastructure and facilities that are critical to the community, such as hospitals, police and fire stations, 911 communication centers and water treatment plants. This information is used to establish priorities for restoration in any communities that might be affected.

Restoration phase

During large outages, FPL follows an overall plan that calls for restoring power to the greatest number of customers safely and as quickly as possible.

As a priority, our crews restore power to electric lines and equipment that serve critical facilities, such as hospitals, police/fire stations, water treatment plants and 911 communication centers.

  • After a storm clears, we deploy field teams to conduct damage assessments. These assessments help us assign the right resources (crews and materials) to each effort and to provide customers with estimates of when repairs will be finished and power restored in their respective areas.
  • FPL restoration crews work continuously to restore service in the areas where it is safe to do so. We move crews, contractors and equipment to affected areas, increasing staffing levels to speed restoration.


FPL does not assign restoration work according to when a customer calls to report an outage, where a customer lives, or the status of an account. We begin work in multiple locations and follow an overall plan that prioritizes groups over individuals.

Recovery phase

Once restoration is complete and power is restored to every customer whose home or business can receive it, FPL enters into a recovery phase focused on returning the system to its pre-storm state.

Once we complete a detailed post-restoration assessment, we establish a plan to complete additional necessary repairs in a timely fashion. Staging sites used during the restoration phase may remain operational for an extended period of time to support the effort.